5 Essential Furniture for Your New Home

The day has come for you to finally shop for furnitures. Here are our 5 essential furniture for your new home.

1. Mattress

Who doesn’t like to sleep right? Especially when you have just moved all your things into your house and you are exhausted. A good mattress will guarantee you a good nights sleep to ease the pain of unpacking your own things. There is no need for a fancy headboard or divan when you move in, but a good mattress is a must! 

2. Dining Table

Our second most essential thing for your new home: Dining table. Dining tables do not necessarily need to be new and used exclusively for dining only, it could also serve as a writing table. Upcycling an old table from your friends or family may help save you some money until you really need to inves in a proper dining table

3. Dining Chairs

A few chairs or stools are helpful when youre eating or working at your dining table. You can go with a collection of chairs that matches the dining table or if your rather tight on your budget, you may opt for lose stools from your friends and family.

4. Shelving

Last on our list; Shelving. A bookcase, storage unit or 3 compartment shelving unit, are all essentials when you first move in to your home. You’ll need them to store your and display your photos, your books or even your clothes. Try to look for shelving units maximises vertical spaces to make your home look bigger. 

5. Sofa

 A sofa is an essential to any house. After a long day at work, you would want to go back home to your comfy sofa or just catch a movie with your loved ones over the weekend. Some houses with a large living area may opt for bigger and bulkier sofas to complement the house. For houses with smaller living area, you may opt for a smaller sofa set such as a 2 Seater + L shaped sofa or if it suits your taste, just a rug and a few beanbags to chill on.

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