Happy Valentine's! A Lighting Gift From FOC Just For You

It’s February already! And that means Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. A celebration that is synonymous with ‘Love’, Valentine’s Day isn’t just about loving your romantic partner. This Valentine’s Day, because of the New Normal norms, why not work on some interior lighting to fall in love with the area we spend the most time in? That is to say; home.

From pendants, table lamps, floor lamps and chandeliers, there’s no end to how you could turn your home into this coming Valentine’s focus of celebration. Here are some lighting suggestions that could hopefully inspire you:

  1. Crystal Chandeliers

  • Crystal Chandeliers might seem a tad bit extravagant, but for good reason. 
  • Crystal chandeliers add a strong dazzling and eye-catching element to any space it occupies. 
  • The elegant design and gleaming lights are sure to be the center of attention and seize the gaze of any guest. 
  • Set them up in your living room or dining area and it’s certain to take your breath away, everyday.
  1. Modern Victorian Chandelier 

  • Setting your interior in the style and décor of a bygone era is always a surefire way to create a spectacular and fun setting! 
  • A Modern Victorian Chandelier radiates nostalgia and sentiment, which oddly enough breathes new life into any interior. 

  • Include a wide variety of Modern Victorian-themed furniture, which essentially amounts to a lot of velvet, fringe and tufting, for a revamped and relevant ye’ olde England Royalty experience.
  • These chandeliers are best used in the middle of an entryway, living room or dining area to be as eye-catching as possible!
  1. Minimalist Cone-shaped Pendant Lamp

  • More often than not, the simplest forms of lighting can turn out the best. 
  • This Minimalist Cone-shaped Pendant Lamp creates an alluring light focused downwards. 
  • Hang this over the dining or bar table, and you’ll have an intimate and special lighting between you, your romantic partner and your dinner. 
  • Your meals will have never looked so instagrammable. That’s a word right?
  1. Tom Dickson Etch Pendant Lamp

  • Aspirations of love need not always be serious and ‘grown-up’. 
  • More importantly, it’s crucial that your home interior strikes resonance with your personality.
  • If you’re on a strong inclination to being fun and quirky, these Tom Dickson Etched Pendant Lamps might be a solid fit to highlight your joyful side. 
  • Hang these around the living room, light them up and hit your party playlist for maximum fun effect! It’s a vibe.
  1. Wooden Series Pendant Lamps

  • Creating a warm and comfortable tone for your home can get tricky at times.
  • Wooden-frame Pendant Lamps are great in accomplishing that, while still retaining a modern and stylish look due to its numerous unique designs.
  • Great for making eye-catching décor without seeming too luxurious or intimidating to guests.
  • Set these pendants from the balcony ceiling or in the living room to create a warm space for intimate conversations.
  1. Modern Black Floor Lamp

  • Picture this. You’re sitting comfortably on the living room sofa about to watch the newest episode of Netflix’s Bridgerton. You have a stellar surround sound system and some of your favorite snacks and drinks.
  • Everything seems perfect, or it would be if not for the lighting. Turn the room lights on and it’s too bright to get immersed but turn them off and the bright screen starts straining your eyes.
  • The solution? A Modern Black Floor Lamp.
  • Set one up close by for a nice night-light like effect and enjoy your shows in peace!
  1. Contemporary Artistic Pendant Lamp 

  • The fine craftsmanship, skills and creativity given shape into songs, films, dance, paintings, sculptures; art is truly inspiring isn't it? 
  • Admiration of the finer arts need not be limited to simple adoration or pastime recreation, not when you have the option to transform your home into a wonderful ‘art gallery’.
  • Setting up these Contemporary Artistic Pendant Lamps across your home interior is a wonderful way to do so as their simplistic, yet creative designs are a stunning result of human ingenuity and artistic expression. 
  • Art is certainly inspiring, who doesn't want to feel inspired everyday?  
  1. Table Lamps

  • Sometimes what a bedroom needs is a small, personal touch to complete the feel and look. 
  • More often than not, this personal touch takes the shape and form of a nice little table lamp. 

  • Table lamps come in a myriad of types, style and material; wooden, glass, PVC and metal.
  • With so many to choose from, let your heart decide which one’s the best for your bedroom side table. It is for Valentine’s after all.
  1. Artistic Pendant Lamps

  • Wonderful lights make for a wonderful night, don’t you think?
  • These beautifully designed Artistic Pendant Lamps add an aesthetic flair to any space they occupy, especially your bedroom and living room area. 

  • Set them just above your bed or sofas, and you’re in for a captivating and dazzling sight every night as you look up.
  • Let’s call it ‘Bedroom Moon Gazing’. 
  1. 2 Birds Floor Lamp

  • Nothing seems quite as much on the Valentine's theme as two birds of a feather enjoying a night together. 
  • This modern contemporary floor lamp blends together the themes of nature and man-made construct. 
  • The 2-Birds Floor Lamp adds a degree of cute yet sophisticated look to your living space. 
  • Great for providing ambient lighting, so place them in the darker corners of your home to get the best use out of them.

Closing Thoughts

And there you have it! Some ideas for you dear readers on how to treat yourself and fall in love with your lighting interior on this year’s Valentine’s! Of course, improving lighting is just one aspect of interior design fun! 

Come and check out www.foc.asia or drop by our showrooms for a closer look at our other various lighting products and even a selection of our furniture! See you soon and Happy Valentine’s Day!