Why Bad Beds are Bad For Your Health

The average Malaysian lifespan is 76 years. Given that we sleep 8 hours a day, that means we spend 221,920 hours asleep! That’s basically one third of our lives! 

But why do we sleep so long? Science has uncovered that sleep is important in building and retaining memories, removing toxins from the brain and more. Because of how important it is, a lousy night’s rest isn’t the only thing a worn-out mattress will do to you. Here are 5 other negative health outcomes that happen when you opt for bad bedding;

1. Back and Neck Pain

      If you wake up every morning feeling soreness in your back and neck, that might be a literal wake-up call to change your mattress very soon. 

      Long-term effects of sleeping on a bad mattress can lead to or contribute to joint soreness as well as spinal health problems.

      2. Memory Loss

      Because sleep is important for the brain to build and form memories, sleep deprivation can lead to failure in recalling memories.

      If your mattress prevents you from catching good quality zzz’s, it could lead to issues in learning and contribute to frustrations and stress at school or work.

      3. Mood Swings

      Losing good hours of sleep has also been linked to lower moods and higher irritability. 

      The next time you’re feeling annoyed by your co-worker, maybe ask yourself ‘Did I wake up on the wrong side of bed today?’.

      4. Throat and Lung Irritation

      Older mattresses also face hygienic issues. The average person sweats about a cup of water every night, and this liquid goes through our sheets and straight into our mattresses. 

      After extended use without cleaning, your bed may end up as a breeding ground for bed bugs, bacteria, dust mites and mold. Nasty!

      5. Weaker Immune System

      Low quality sleep has also been linked to having a weaker immune system, making us more susceptible to disease and infections.

      Essentially, sleep deprivation suppresses the immune system’s ability to fight off threats.

      Closing Thoughts

      If your mattress is causing you these health issues, then it’s time to get it replaced! But with so many types of mattresses out there, it’s important to know what kind of mattress is the best for you.

      Here at FOC, we have over 10, 000 types of mattresses available ranging from latex, pocketed spring, coconut fibre, duraplus, chiropractic spring, memory foam, cool silk and even mattress toppers.

      Come check out our bedroom listings, or visit our showrooms to get a feel of our mattresses directly, because everyone deserves good sleep!